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Royalty ® Collection


Outdoor Cultivated Plant

Enjoy months of charm with the outstanding Royalty Collection. This incredible plant collection is grown and bred by De Jong Plant B.V. in Boskoop, The Netherlands.
The Royalty Collection is the perfect outdoor Hydrangea. When the Spring flowers begin to fade, the Royalty Collection is the perfect answer to make your garden, even more, inviting from early Summer to late Autumn. This unique garden Hydrangea gives you flowers for weeks at a time.
Enjoy the most striking colours of these exclusive plant varieties.
For the best care, we give you important advise from our master growers! 
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Discover the most striking colours

The Royalty Collection is a care- and user friendly plant that can be used outdoor in planters, tubs and baskets. With it's beautiful shapes and colours, excellent branching and rich flowering, the Royalty Collection remains the #1 outdoor Hydrangea at the market and favourite of specialists and consumers domestically and abroad. 
The Royalty Collection is a plant with broad possibilities, it is very sun-resistant and also rain-resistant. The Royalty Collection Hydrangeas have a long shelf life, are very floriferous, produce the most intense colours and are also very colourfast and stable. In addition, this plant is easy to care for.
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Happy garden days 

Imagine yourself in a colourful garden with beautiful borders, a terrace full of plant containers and being in company with butterflies and other friendly pollinators. The Royalty Collections ensures a living garden from the early Summer to late Autumn. 
To inspire specialists as retailers, garden centers and DIY stores, De Jong Plant B.V. provides plant inspiration such as product pictures, inspiration pictures and care information. Feel free to download materials from our online sales programme. Take a look at the website of get in contact with our Sales team for other inquiries and plant information. 


Loved by specialists and consumers

We're more than willing to help you stand out in the market. We develop Marketing concepts in collaboration with our customers in order to provide the product with the right market perception. A stiking instore or online presentation creates more sales revenues. Every Royalty Collection plant is unique. Every plant will be delivered with a special plant label in order to provide customers the most important information to take care of their new Hydrangea plant.
Roll-ups, table banners of special merchandise on request. Are you interested in tailor-made solutions for your business. Get in contact and discover how the Royalty Collection can fit perfectly into your business. 
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Discover every special shaped flower



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The Royalty Collection is grown by De Jong Plant B.V. 
Boskoop, The Netherlands
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