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Happy garden days

Morning or evening sun. Vivid colours are less sun sensitive​.
Frost hardy
Height 60 cm - 100 cm
For decoration only
Suitable for containers and baskets as in borders
Water frequently
Tiffany PinkCU.png
Blue PowerCU.png
Flowering June - September
Removing old flowers in Spring stimulates abundant flowering
Enjoy months of charm with the outstanding Royalty Collection. This incredible plant collection is grown and bred by De Jong Plant B.V. in Boskoop, The Netherlands.
The Royalty Collection is the perfect outdoor Hydrangea. When the Spring flowers begin to fade, The Royalty Collection is the perfect answer to making your garden, even more, inviting from early Summer to late Autumn. This unique garden Hydrangea gives you flowers for weeks at a time.
Enjoy the most striking colours of 18 different exclusive plant varieties.
For the best care, we give you important advise from our master growers! 


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